About OurCrazyCravings: Travel, DIY & make Recipes with us (REALLY EXCITED ABOUT THIS) ❤️

Here is a little trailer about our Youtube Channel ‘OurCrazyCravings’. 😊 REALLY excited to share this with you all.

We love to travel, dream about food and do a bit of DIY here and there. We have been to different states (before COVID), cooked amazing food, made DIY’s for our home. And are continuing in doing so. Currently we live in USA originally from India.

Do come along with us to watch Travel/Recipe/Craft videos. 😃 💛Thanks to everyone who has been watching our videos and supporting us in growing and doing better! 💛

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Finally: Youtube Debut! 🎉

Managed to gather my nerves together to start a Youtube channel. Will be sharing our Recipe, DIY’s & Travel videos on Youtube aswell.

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Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb9BxazNIrs4VSHGOs2bwQA

Thanks. 😀