Chocolate Hide & Seek Biscuit cake!

Ever had that instant dessert craving? I have them all the time. Almost after every meal. For an extra sweet tooth like mine, tried this instant 3 minute microwave cake with bare minimum ingredients. 😀 RECIPE INGREDIENTS 4 Hide & seek biscuits Powdered sugar Milk Baking powder METHOD In a bowl mix crushed biscuits, milk, powdered sugar & baking powder Mix well till its creamy … Continue reading Chocolate Hide & Seek Biscuit cake!

Peanut Dip in Ten minutes!

Winter is coming and so is our stalk of peanuts. One thing that goes completely with winter are peanuts. If you are a hardcore peanut fan, someone who would like their toasts, noodles, pizzas, be extra nutty, here is a simple quick recipe for a peanut dip. Recipe Ingredients Peanuts, green chilly Imli, kadhi patta, dried red chillies Salt, chat masala, red chilly powder, … Continue reading Peanut Dip in Ten minutes!

Heaven on Earth: Night Light Festival

Last weekend we visited this really beautiful festival near Pocono called Night light festival. Sometimes you don’t have words to describe how amazing some experiences are until you see them live with your own eyes. Still, I’ll try to put it in words. 😀 What was the event about? The Poconos night light event was a festival inspired by Thai lanterns. It was about launching … Continue reading Heaven on Earth: Night Light Festival

Coffee Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Alliteration? Hah! Tried this easy and fast cookie/biscuit coffee chocolate chip cookie recipe. Takes 20 mins to cook. That includes prep time & baking. 20 mins isn’t much if you are lazy enough to run to nearest Starbucks. 😛 RECIPE INGREDIENTS Dark chocolate, Coffee powder, chocolate chips Butter Fine Sugar 1 Egg All purpose flour Baking soda Salt Oil STEP 1 Mixture 1 – Mix … Continue reading Coffee Chocolate Chip Cookies!